St. Joseph Mission School has been part of a rich cultural heritage for the past 91 years. The combined traditions of Acoma, Laguna, Hispanic, Basque, German, Lebanese and Anglo are reflected in the diversity of our historical school. The gift of our different traditions helps us to see the face of God in each other and in turn unites us in values we hold to sacred in our Creator and His Son Jesus. We support the cultures of our area by the following activities: 

  • Each person will respect the traditions of another culture
  • Recognize and celebrate the Feast Days of each community
  • Incorporate local traditions in the life of the school
  • Promote the different languages of each community
  • Invite traditional and local leaders to speak about local tradition

"The cross-cultural nature of the Catholic Church
and the duty of Catholics to work toward cultural harmony suggests that
Catholic educational leaders should make every effort
to increase cultural awareness."

-Vatican II